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Subject: Re: Unlocking the full features of the MAS chip (long, sorry)
From: Brent Geery (
Date: 2003-04-29

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 09:00:00 +0100 (BST), "Mike Holden"
<> wrote:

> Brent Geery said:
> > Add optional mode for volume control calibrated to proper dB -
> > I'd much prefer the volume control calibrated to the correct dB scale
> > (-114 to +2 dB, or at least -116 to 0 dB) that the MAS shows in its
> > datasheet. For the status line volume display, just drop the minus
> > symbol, and it will fit in the same three character space used by the
> > current 0-100 scale.
> I think "ordinary users" (I include myself here!) would be confused by a
> volume scaling display where 116 if OFF, and 0 is FULL. 0 to 100% makes
> more sense. Just MHO.

That's why I suggested it as an option. Most home gear, from
lower-mid range and up, use the same dB scale, so many more than you
think, have been exposed to it. All the VU meters in rockbox also use
the dB scale. These could of been calibrated to a "user friendly"
percentage scale, but still choose to use the more meaningful dB
scale. To each, his own. :)

BRENT - The Usenet typo king. :)

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