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Subject: Re: Re: FAT Filename Mangling bug. (was: RE : Regarding the recent recording PANIC's)
From: Pascal (
Date: 2003-04-30

Le Samedi 26 Avril 2003 13:09, Peter Koenig a écrit :
> Could you give a brief tutorial for creating that disk?
> or put the diskimage somewhere?
> would I be able to access my other (ntfs) drives?

As I've thrown away my notes, I have no straightforward tutorial :(
(anyway, it's off topic :)

With Linux :
- get the "bootdisk-HOWTO" in your documentation (you installed the
documentation, didn't you?)
or maybe at

- get a root rescue disk from a distribution (I used Slackware's)
- put it in an image file (with a loop device, see bootdisk-howto)
- get rid of some useless library (networking...)
- gzip -9 the image file

- make the tiniest possible kernel with usb, vfat, ntfs, ...
all the stuff straight in the kernel (don't bother with modules)
- try to put the kernel + imagefile on a floppy (see bootdisk-howto)
- with 2 floppies it's easier, but less convenient and reliable (so
many trashy floppies...)

I cannot upload the diskimage, but I can mail it to someone (~1.5Mo).
It has NTFS enabled, but read-only : with my (old) kernel, the
'write' was experimental.


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