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Subject: Where should this functionality go?
From: c s (
Date: 2003-05-01

As I mentioned a while back, I wrote some code that
implements a “car power adapter mode” that
automatically stops playback when external power is
turned off, such as when you turn off your car
ignition switch.

To do this I have to periodically monitor the status
of external power and perform the appropriate
processing when that state changes. That’s no

The question is, where should I do this periodic
monitoring of the external power status? The
power_management thread seems like the logical place,
no? The only problem with that is that the periodic
loop of the power_management thread has a cycle time
of about a minute as it spends almost all of it’s time
in 3 separate calls to sleep(), one for as long as 30
seconds, and I need to poll the external power status
much more frequently.

If want to poll the status of the external power from
within the power_management thread, I can change the 3
calls to sleep() inside the main loop to instead be
calls to a function that will sleep for the specified
time AND poll the external power status a few times a
second while doing this sleep for the main thread
loop. Would this be an acceptable way of doing this?


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