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Subject: last question, i think - Re: eager beginner, not many skills

last question, i think - Re: eager beginner, not many skills

From: <>
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 03:53:47 -0400 (EDT)

the root directory that everyone is talking
about...does it have to have a certain .extension
(like .app, .mp3, .ajz, etc.), or is it just the first
folder within my e drive? (e is the drive letter of my

will the jukebox automatically look for ajbrec.ajz
(rockbox) no matter where it is? i guess what i'm
really asking is: how do i ensure ajbrec.ajz is in
the "root-directory?" What exactly is the root

Quoting Thomas Heuving <>:

> schrieb am Thu, 1 May 2003
03:46:58 -0400 (EDT):
> > b) i loaded rockbox on the jukebox before even
> > glancing at the archos installation cd. is it too
> > now to install archos firmware in order to have the
> > rolo option if for some reason i decide to try to
> > figure it out? (is archos firmware even what is on
> > that cd, or is the firmware already on the
> > if i can still load it on there, WHERE do i
> > it? (in layperson's terms would be much
appreciated :)
> >
> > and sorry for yet one more dumb question, but when
> > say i can just reboot my jukebox to revert back to
> > rockbox after using rolo to switch to archos, you
> > simply turning off the jbox and then turning it on
> > again? it'll automatically start up using rockbox?
> > thanks so much - as you can tell, i'm a total
> > when it comes to these things
> The archos firmware is on your jukebox in ROM. If it
finds a
> file with the appropriate name on the harddisk, it
just loads
> this file as new firmware (that's how archos manages
> The rockbox firmware has the added ability to load a
new firmware
> without booting.
> So your layout should be:
> 1. The rockbox firmware goes with the standard
name (ajbrec.ajz on
> the recorder) in the root-directory on the
disk, so it's loaded
> automatically on start.
> 2. The archos firmware (which should be on the CD
(?), or you can load
> it from the archos-site) is installed with
another name.
> If you wanna switch, you can load the archos
firmware from
> within rockbox (by PLAYing the file), to switch
back to rockbox
> you have to reboot (all false decisions have
their price ;-))
> 3. If you want to test new features, load the
daily builds onto
> your jukebox under just another name and boot
them from within
> rockbox. If they satisfy you, rename them to
the standard name.
> Tschüß
> --
> Thomas Heuving
Received on 2003-05-02

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