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Subject: Re: Single play mode and feature bloat
From: Thomas Heuving (
Date: 2003-05-02

Holger Lembke schrieb am Fri, 2 May 2003 00:33:39 +0200:
> - random play throu a folder and its subfolders

I personally don't care about playing a directory, because one
could always do a

for dir in /archos/* /archos/*/*
  [ ! -d $dir ] && continue;
  find $dir -name '*.mp3' -print > $dir/../$dir.m3u;

to create playlists for every directory. I'm also not very inclined
to create playlists on the archos, because you can do it always on
your computer (which is needed anyway to fill the unit), which surely
has a nicer UI to do this job.
For me a far more important feature would be to store all configuration,
including name of actual playlist and position in it, so that I can
resume playing this list at a later time. Can't afford to buy an archos
for every member of the family.

> - record a note (i would love to use it as a dictaphone)
> (without too loose my current play mode/state)

That could also be handled with my proposal.

> - very smart turn on/turn off mode (to continue where it was turned off)

You are speaking of more than the current resume function?


Thomas Heuving

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