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Subject: Re: eager beginner, not many skills

Re: eager beginner, not many skills

From: Mike Holden <>
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 14:54:40 +0100 (BST)

> Thanks guys, your input has been really helpful - I
> listened to some of my 1000+ tunes last night - quite
> a thrill!
> But I'm still struggling over this archos.ajz thing. I
> went to the archos website and the only thing I see
> that they have that applies to fm recorders is a
> download for drivers for all their products. So I
> download those, extract them to my jukebox hard drive,
> and...where is the ajz file?? I don't see one
> anywhere. Do I just rename the folder as archos.ajz
> and somehow rockbox knows to find the archos firmware
> in there?

On, click on Download->Software, not drivers. Drivers is
for PC connection stuff. The file should be already named correctly, but
it is packed in a zip file that you will need to unpack first.

> Or...Should I just stick with the archos firmware that
> is apparently already on the ROM of the thing since I
> prob won't be using it that much anyway. How's the
> daily build today for fm recording? Maybe I should
> just download that and use it...
> I have read the FAQs about rolo-ing and think I
> understand how to do that once I have both versions on
> there; I'm just embarrasingly stuck at this beginner's
> hurdle of simply FINDING the archos firmware so i can
> rename it as archos.ajz
> thanks again - sorry to interrupt the advanced
> programming discussion :)
> sara
> Quoting Mike Holden <>:
>> > thanks for your reply, linus. sorry about the
> iriver
>> > comment :)
>> > quick follow-up questions:
>> >
>> I would recommend that you read the docs on the
> rockbox site, including
>> the FAQ, as that will answer most of your questions,
> but since you asked
>> nicely ...
>> > a) version 2.0 has recording from fm too, or just
> from
>> > external sources?
>> the FM radio doesn't yet work under Rockbox yet. You
> would need to run the
>> original Archos firmware to use that.
>> >
>> > b) i loaded rockbox on the jukebox before even
>> > glancing at the archos installation cd. is it too
> late
>> > now to install archos firmware in order to have the
>> > rolo option if for some reason i decide to try to
>> > figure it out? (is archos firmware even what is on
>> > that cd, or is the firmware already on the
> jukebox?).
>> > if i can still load it on there, WHERE do i
> unzip/load
>> > it? (in layperson's terms would be much
> appreciated :)
>> The archos firmware is in the unit's permanent
> memory, but if you have a
>> file on your hard drive called ajbrec.ajz, the
> firmware will find it and
>> boot to that instead. This is how Archos install
> firmware upgrades, and is
>> how Rockbox loads itself at boot time.
>> Download the archos firmware from the archos web
> site, and save it to your
>> unit as archos.ajz. You can then ROLO to that the
> same way as any other
>> firmware you have on there. It will boot to
> ajbrec.ajz by default when you
>> power up, which would be Rockbox. After RoLo-ing to
> the archos firmware,
>> you would need to reboot the unit to return to
> Rockbox, as the archos
>> firmware doesn't have anything cool like RoLo!
>> >
>> > and sorry for yet one more dumb question, but when
> you
>> > say i can just reboot my jukebox to revert back to
>> > rockbox after using rolo to switch to archos, you
> mean
>> > simply turning off the jbox and then turning it on
>> > again? it'll automatically start up using rockbox?
>> > thanks so much - as you can tell, i'm a total
> neophyte
>> > when it comes to these things
>> >
>> See my comment above.
>> --
>> Mike Holden

Mike Holden
Received on 2003-05-02

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