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Subject: Re: Charging problem in v. 2.0 for Archos Jukebox Recorder

Re: Charging problem in v. 2.0 for Archos Jukebox Recorder

From: ajf <>
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 10:38:40 -0400

Not so much a problem, but a mysterious observation on my JBR10 last night.

It was fully charged with the original 1500 mah batteries -- about 6 months
old. I listened to a chapter of an audio book for 30 minutes, without
touching the unit - so no usage of display led, just wps and disk spinups.
At the end of the chapter, I noted the charge was at 95. Assuming a linear
usage rate, that means 10 hours of listening time. Cool!!

I turned the unit off, and didn't use it again for 24 hours. When I turned
it back on, the charge was at 70 and went **up** to 81 during the first 15
minutes of play. It then finally started going down.

Okay, I know I should probably replace the batts, but what was I seeing?

Mike Holden writes:

> spidermagnet said:
>> Tim,
>> I hypothesize that you may not be charging it up fully?
>> I have an FM Recorder, and when charging with Rockbox, the battery
>> display hits 100% _long_ before the battery actually fully is charged.
>> At first I thought the battery was draining quickly, then realized that
>> I was not charging it fully. Does the battery seem to charge much more
>> quickly with Rockbox than the archos OS?
> Rockbox does not control charging on FM - it is done by hardware. We
> simply report the charge that the hardware says it has. Charging rate
> should be the same for Rockbox as woth Archos firmware. The problem is
> that Rockbox displays the battery level which fools you!
>> My method is charge up for a while after it hits 100%, then reboot
>> without the charger. The battery charge figure after reboot will give me
>> an idea of the real charge, and then I plug the charger back in and
>> repeat until it displays a charge I'm satsified with after reboot
>> (>95%).
> This kind of behaviour is what I see as well. I just plug it in and leave
> it overnight, and that seems to fill it fine!
>> There is a mailing list thread about fixing the display to tell you when
>> it really stops charging. I haven't a compile environment for it at
>> present to use it myself, but perhaps it will be in a daily snapshot
>> soon?
> The patch is still in the discussion and development phase at the moment,
> and we have had lots of discussion about how it should behave. Part of the
> patch is to add some charging features onto the FM that are not there yet
> (like displaying the fact that the unit is still charging). Once I finish
> writing it and get some more testing done by members of this list (I can
> also post full firmwares for those unable to compile their own) it should
> hopefully go into the official version, and from then on it will be a part
> of the daily builds on the Rockbox site.
> --
> Mike Holden
Received on 2003-05-02

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