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Subject: Re: Finally, FM Radio support

Re: Finally, FM Radio support

From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing <>
Date: Sat, 03 May 2003 11:30:06 +0200

Mike Holden wrote:
> Linus Nielsen Feltzing said:
>>Hi all!
>>I just committed my first attempt at an FM radio screen on the FM
>>recorder. It is just a proof of concept with no bells and whistles, and
>>no localization.
>>You can select "FM Radio" from the main menu.
>>LEFT, RIGHT: Change frequency in 0.1 MHz steps
>>UP, DOWN: Change volume
>>OFF: Back to main menu
>>For automatic station seek, hold LEFT/RIGHT for a little longer.
>>Try it out, and give me comments.
> Looking great so far!
> Q1: How do I turn it off again?!! Pressing STOP takes you out of the radio
> screen, but the radio keeps playing. If I play an MP3, the radio is still
> playing, and the MP3 never appears, although the WPS comes up!

Oops. Forgot to fix that. Leaving the radio on is intentional, but it
should turn off when playing an MP3.

> Q2: I have heard it expressed about the Archos radio that the frequency
> tuning is not fine enough. I see you tune up/down by 100000 (0.1Mhz), but
> is this your choice, or a hardware issue?

I can tune it much finer than that. What resolution would be acceptable?
It should'nt be tedious to tune by hand.

> 1. saving and naming and re-ordering favourite stations. At least 10
> favourites, but maybe as many as 30, or even unlimited. This would need to
> be stored to a file rather than in ROM. When tuning manually, display the
> saved details if they match the current frequency.

Of course.

> 2. auto-scan feature - search for the 10 strongest signals and store them
> in a temporary "playlist" - handy for people on the move, and often seen
> on car systems.

This is a little complicated, since I can't really measure the signal
strength in a good fashion. But sure, we can give it a try.

> 3. rds/eon data. I know we have this in the UK, but no idea about other
> locations. The radio station transmits extra data embedded in the signal
> which carries station name (so you can display it automatically), a flag
> when traffic info is being transmitted so you can switch from MP3 to local
> traffic info, and I think even current track info (artist/track name).

No can do. The RDS chip is not mounted on the FM recorder. There is a
socket for this, but it is empty. Even if we had it mounted, it would
put a huge strain on the CPU. I guess that's why they never shipped it
with RDS.

> 4. Auto-resume - remember the last frequency played, and resume at that
> frequency when returning to the radio. This could be stored in ROM or on
> disk.

Ah, of course.

Received on 2003-05-03

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