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Subject: Re: Charging problem in v. 2.0 for Archos Jukebox Recorder
From: Tom Cole (
Date: 2003-05-03

What's your "Disk Poweroff" option set to? (F1/ General

I set mine to "Yes" and noticed much longer battery life.

Also, I believe that the percentage shown is derived from the voltage of
the batteries. After a boot, which involves a fair amount of disk
activity, the voltage will be depressed, showing a reduced percentage.
When the batteries have recovered the percentage shown will be higher.

Also after use, the unit may be warmer, boosting the efficiency of the

Another factor may be that the batteries are making poor contact because
of a weak spring or dirty contacts.

On Sat, 3 May 2003 17:47:35 +0200, you wrote:

>"Tim Molinaro" <> writes:
>> This is similar to what I experience with one exception, it does not
>> go back up.
>I often see strange things w.r.t. battery level. For example, when
>connected to the charger at 87% it slowly drops to 85% and then it
>starts charging. After a while I disconnect it from the charger, to
>find the battery level at 33%. Rebooting helps; it's now close to
>> So if the batteries are still really charged for some reason it
>> stops at 9%.
>Mine stops at 4% (24 minutes)

Tom Cole
Lower Hutt
New Zealand

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