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Subject: Re: Memory/Settings Creation Question
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2003-05-04

Mike Holden wrote:
> Do the principles stated here still stand? It looks like currently the
> first 2 bits of 0xAE are used, so I can take up to 6 bits from bit 3
> upwards to bit 8, and then any bytes from 0xAD downwards all the way to
> 0x00?

Not all the way to 0x00. 0x00-0x2b are used for mirroring the RTC

> I'm looking to store the last used radio frequency, so need to store a
> value in the range 8000 to 11000, which can scale to 0-3000, and currently
> in increments of 5 (frequency increases by 0.05 Mhz), so could be scaled
> to 0-600, so long as we are settled on these, but these could still be up
> in the air, pending discussions on here. I can start off taking 2 bytes,
> giving plenty of range, and scale these later to use less space in the
> config block.

I suggest you use 0.01MHz resolution. The possible frequency range is
10MHz-160MHz, giving a range of 1000-16000. Take 2 bytes.

However, I'd rather have the resume frequency info in the RTC. Let's
move some of the current RTC settings to disk to make room for the radio


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