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Subject: Archos Recorder Suggestions
From: Jim Morgan (
Date: 2003-05-07

I bought my Archos Recorder about a year ago during a trip to the UK - they
didn't sell them at the time in Hong Kong, and I'd been lusting after one
for longer than is healthy.

Anyway, once I got it back to Hong Kong and I'd played with it a bit, I had
a couple of ideas for improvements, so I went along to the archos website,
where they boast of "world class support" and sent the following message.

>I bought a JukeBox Recorder 20Gb on a recent holiday to UK. Generally it
>is great, but I have a couple of questions which, if they aren't already
>implemented, you may want to consider for future firmware upgrades.
> - Is there a way to lock the buttons? I occasionally nudge the volume up
> or down or change tracks unintentionally while the Jukebox is in its
> case. It would be good to have a way of locking the buttons (like you can
> lock a Nokia phone, with <menu> <*>, for example)
> - Does the unit use its internal battery while it is plugged into a USB
> port and being used as a drive, or does it take its power from the USB
> host? This would also be a good feature. Even better would be if it
> actually charged itself when plugged into USB.
>Finally, a general interest question. What OS is the firmware based on? Is
>it a Linux based system?
>Thanks for producing an excellent product.

I received an automated reply, but no answers. I sent it again a couple of
weeks later. And again after a month. Nothing. I resent it to the US site.
Nothing. That's some world class customer service all right.

So now, while I'm looking for something else on sourceforge, I stumble
across rockbox. Fantastic stuff. I'll be trying it out immediately. I guess
the question about locking the buttons has already been answered in the
FAQ. Too bad but it was only a suggestion. But how about the ability to
charge the Jukebox from the USB cord. Is that possible, or is the power
drain too high?


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