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Subject: Archos 6000. Will it get power on USB? Why doesn't it spin down when connected to my PC?
From: Aman Singer (
Date: 2003-05-08

Hi, all.
        I recently got an Archos 6000 player, and have several questions
about it, if I may ask them. The player is running firmware 5.03 in its
ROM, but isn't yet running rockbox. I ask this here because the people
here have actually looked at the inside of the player's hardware, and I
need an answer from someone who has done this rather than the people at
tech support.
        First, I made the error (or was it an error?), of connecting it
to the Via USB 2.0 controler with no batteries inside. It spun up. Does
this mean the archos can draw its power from the USB port? If so, are
there any drawbacks for using it in this mode to transfer stuff to the
player, so as not to waste batteries?
        Secondly, I notice when connected to this XP Pro machine, on
which I'm using the USB drivers that Archos put on its site for all its
players (the combined driver files in one zip file), that the archos
never spins down. Is this normal? I know there's a setting in power
options to stop HDs, but that applies to all my HDs, including my
internal. Should I be doing something special to the external HD?
        Thanks in advance for any help.

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