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Subject: Re: Implementing a search feature
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2003-05-09

On Fri, 9 May 2003, Boris Maras wrote:

> > Anyway, I'm not shure which compiler you're trying to use. The Win32
> > stuff is working with Cygwin or MinG(?), a free environment which I never
> > used, or MSVC.
> I have set up my win32 SDK environment following the instructions on the
> website (, the "recommended
> way") So I use a minimal cygwin environment

That is so minimal it has no native compiler, only a cross-compiler. Thus,
you cannot build the simulator. The simulator builds a native application you
run on your PC host.

> If there is no way to compile uisimulator with it, I'll try to set up my
> computer differently. Installing a complete version of cygwin over the
> directory is enough?

I'll leave this to the people that know, but you want the gcc from a normal
cygwin to build the simulator, while the cross-compiler from the "win32 SDK"
is used to build for the target (and that won't come with the normal cygwin

> What if I used the gnush cross compiler ? (the "other way" described on the
> website)

That too is a cross-compiler and thus cannot build the simulator.

 Daniel Stenberg -- --

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