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Subject: Re: Auto-sync files
From: Mark Bright (
Date: 2003-05-10


1st rate job, works like a dream... just one thing - the menu for c't USB
Agent is in German, my german is *almost* non existant - what do the menu
items translate to:
Info Uber - Info About, That one I can manage
Symbol Auf der Arbeitsoberflache anlegen - ?
Supportanfrage senden - support request?
Beendan - Exit?

Do I need to include this app in the windows startup?

Once again, Thanks

Uwe Freese wrote:
|| Hello Josh,
|| Josh wrote on Thursday, May 8, 2003, 7:02:19 PM:
||| The iPod has a nice feature where as soon as you plug in to the
||| computer, it automatically synchronizes the iPod with the PC. So for
||| The question is how to improve this so the sync is triggered
||| automatically when the jukebox is plugged in. The autoplay mechanism
||| Anyone have comments on the merit/feasibility of this idea?
|| Yes! :-) The documentation of my ABSync program describes how to make
|| this possible (without ABSync). You can make this with "c't USB Agent".
|| Doc:
|| ABSync:
|| Bye, Uwe.

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