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Subject: Re: File Sorting
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-05-12

Gonz said:
> HI, been thinking about this one for a while.How hard would it be to
> sort out a list of files so that a playlist file is at the top? I dont
> know how other people layout there directory structure, but i just have
> Root/Artist/Album/xxx.mp3.At the moment i have to search through the
> files until i find the playlist.
> I did make a directory that just had playlists in it and remade the
> playlists on the pc, but i didnt want to do that with everything thats
> on the archos.
> What do you think?

I address this by having an /mp3/ directory in the root directory, which
contains all my MP3 files split under /mp3/Artist/Album/xxx.mp3. The
playlists all include the mp3/ part of the filename, so that the root
folder contains playlists, an "mp3" directory, and a "stuff" directory
(for any other stuff), plus the obligatory .rockbox directory. I use a
ripper program that is able to be configured to map to this setup. Keeps
the clutter down, and works for me.

Mike Holden

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