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Subject: Re: Archos firmware sound vs Rockbox
From: André Rübel (
Date: 2003-05-15


this may depend on the equipment you use (type of earphones or resistance
of the line in of the amplifier).
I noticed, that there is a different behaviour between rockbox and archos
firmware depending on the headphones you use.

If I use my usual headphones (a closed system sony earphone) the sound is
great with both firmwares. However if I use my big headphones which I
usually use at my stereo system the sound is distorted if I use rockbox, but
is much better with the archos firmware. Or what is more correct: auditible
distortion starts at a lower volume with rockbox than with archos firmware.
I also noticed this difference on some line inputs to car amplifiers, where
rockbox does sound distorted.
Probably the larger headphone draws more power and the archos firmware is
better able to deal with this?
So my finding is, that one should use headphones which have a high
efficiency (neodym magnet). I use a Sony MDR-EX70LP.


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