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Subject: Problem - line in clipping when recording, signal way to high
From: Meirion Williams [e-knowledge] (
Date: 2003-05-15

Hi there,

I recently found the Rockbox site and must say you guys have done some
fantastic work here.

Puts Archos' software effort to shame!

I have a problem when recording from a lot of line-in analogue sources. I'm
recording from mixers in clubs, using TAPE-OUT or REC-OUT, and a phono to
3.5mm jack.

A lot of the time I can't turn the gain on the Rockbox down far enough to
record properly, the input is way to high and clips a lot or all of the
time, resulting in a useless recording.

I can turn the gain down to -3db, is that as low as it will go?

Is there any way I can get it lower, or is this a hardware restriction? Does
anyone know if the Archos software goes lower, as this is the sole reason I
bought a JBR, and if I can't make these recordings I'm stuffed :(

Unfortunately I can't really make any adjustments on the mixer(s) because
when the DJ is using them they will just turn the volume back up!

Thanks for anyone's help,


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