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Subject: Re[2]: Line In Port on JB 6000
From: Doover (
Date: 2003-05-15

Hello c,

Thursday, May 15, 2003, 6:51:06 PM, you wrote:

cs> --- scout <> wrote:
>> The Line-In port on the JB 6000 doesn't do anything.
>> I assume since the original Player & Recorder used
>> the same chasis,
>> Archos's engineers just added the port on the Player
>> knowing they'ed use
>> on the Recorder and won't have to change parts.

cs> Actually the line in port on the Player does do
cs> *something*. On the original firmware there is a
cs> setting option that either passes audio on the line in
cs> port through to the output port, or turns the pass
cs> through off. I'm not sure what good this feature does
cs> you, but line in port is more than just an unused
cs> connection on the Player and it is controlable to some
cs> extent from the firmware.

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cs> Craig


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Heres what i'd like to do...

I have an Archos 6000 Player (thats the first

I also have an O2 XDA mobile phone.

Currently I use my Archos for music, plugged into
my car stereo, what I'd like to do is wire the
audio from my phone, thus hearing it ring/and the
person talk over my car stereo too.

The simplest solution I could come up with was
simply to connect a single audio cable from my
phone, to the line in jack of my archos, which
would be PERFECT if only I could get the rockbox
software to enable the line in like the standard
archos software does... but the archos software as
we all agree... sucks besides that one feature for

A huge bonus would be if in addition the sofware
would automatically pause when it got a signal
over a a thresh-hold volume through the line-in.

In a nutshell, it saves me buying a "proper" car
kit, which would cost 100-300...

I'd settle for anyway of just getting audio on the
line-in though!

I'm not a programmer, or have any knowledge of how
the rockbox ware works, but I'd be real greatful
if someone could figure out anything for me!

Thanks in advance!

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