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Subject: Re: bug: playing back long recordings
From: Martin Borus (
Date: 2003-05-18

Am 18 May 2003 um 15:20 hat Chris Holt geschrieben:

> Is there no appropriate place to split these recordings? MP3DirectCut
> should be able to handle these files with no problem and if you could cut
> them into smaller sections, then you could fix up each section.
> Chris

Thanks for all the suggestions - still they don't solve the problem that with the
current firmware it is not possible to forward in an extralong recording that has just
been made with the jukebox without fixing it on a PC first.

Regarding mp3directcut: I use this software to cut my recordings. Alas it has a problem
with the frame errors in most long recordings so to get a long file to play I would have to

1. upload it onto my PC
2. run MP3fixer over it to remove faulty frames
3. cut it with Mp3directcut's autosplit feature
4. vbrfix all the cut bits
5. re-transfer the files to the jukebox

You probably agree that this is way to much trouble when all you want is to record
satellite radio overnight so you can hear it once at work or in the car - falling back to
an older daily build might be a better idea for me until this problem is gone...


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