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Subject: RE: YAMPP was: RE: Archos build quality......
From: Tom Sustins (
Date: 2003-05-20

The YAMPP looks like a good project, but they are moving too slow with it..
Maybe the rockbox team need to approach them and make an alliance? :)

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From: []
Sent: 19 May 2003 23:38
Subject: YAMPP was: RE: Archos build quality......

i think the site with the most advanced "open hardware" mp3-player "yampp"
at will give some useful information or
inspiration. does anybody know a better one?


mhhh - porting rockbox on a yamp? not an easy task I think......

> This has come up once or twice in the past, IIRC, but we determined
> that it would be cost-prohibitive to make it for such a select group
> of people. (And unless someone wants to start a business selling a new
> mp3 player, it's
> never going to be a big audience.)
> But I, too, am curious about this... What *would* we put as design
> features/requirements for a hardware player? We have an open-source
> software project, what would we do for an open-source hardware
> project?
> Perhaps just publishing specs would be enough to garner someone's
> interest in the outside world, then maybe we'd get a hardware player
> that's near our specs at some point. Who knows?
> So I'll ask the first question to our technical harware folks - what
> chip(s) would you select for this imaginary player? It seems the MAS
> chip is our biggest stumbling block right now for some of the
> functions we want
> -
> what would you rather use?
> Matt
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> From: []On
> Behalf Of Tim Elliott
> Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 10:31 PM
> To:
> Subject: RE: Archos build quality......
> It would be great if the Rockbox developers could design a new player
> with a more powerful processor, more RAM and an easily upgradeable
> hard drive. I would hope it would still have a digital in/out and
> free copying to and from the unit without special software.
> It would be interesting to hear exactly what the Rockbox team would
> put in a new player/recorder if they could design it from the
> ground-up.
> Tim (long time reader, first time poster)

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