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Subject: Re: Upgrade Recorder FM's HDD?
From: TP Diffenbach (
Date: 2003-05-20

Thanks for the info.

I have a few more questions, if you'll be patient enough to answer them:

Do I understand that using your method, no soldering was required?

Where exactly does the bending occur?

What replacement drive did you use?


Quoting Bengt Ritover <>:

> I replaced the HD on mine relatively easily, but then I was originally an
> Electronic Engineer (in the days when I earned an honest living). I undid
> the bumpers, removed the two end-plates (battery and the 'other one'),
> carefully bent the end of the case out, prised out the HD, inserted the new
> one (fiddly) after swapping the clear plastic film from the old to the new,
> carefully bent the cover back, put it back together and it worked! Took me
> about half an hour.
> The tricky bits were removing the bumpers and inserting the new disk - there
> is not much clearance at the connector end. If you are reasonably dexterous
> then you should manage it ok. Bear in mind that your Archos warranty goes
> out the window once you remove the bumpers, but then judging from comments
> on other forums it may not be much of a loss.
> There is an alternative method involving unsoldering the various assemblies
> which removes the need to bend the case, but it is very tricky, risky and in
> my view unnecessary (if you bend the case carefully).
> Hope this helps!
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