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Subject: Re: Announce: id3v2 patch 706111 builds available
From: TP Diffenbach (
Date: 2003-05-27

Thanks for the testing.

Please send me a copy of the wps file you're using, to

Also, try using the attached wps file (.diffenbach.wps) and see what it doies for you.

You indicate that
> I could not change the middle setting, since there was nothing to set.

Can you tell me exactly what you saw when you entered the "At or After First" setting of the Chop File Prefix menu?

Quoting Michael O'Quinn <>:

> Way Cool!
> The ID3 Info screen has lots of new fields, and they seem to work as
> advertised. I've seen Genre and Track Number with data that wouldn't
> display before. I don't have any unusual years that I know of, nor do I
> use the Composer field. Having the Genre work with text data is
> particularly gratifying.
> The 4 new WPS tags don't display *anything*, however. I made sure I was
> using the right WPS file, and I made sure I was using your build. Maybe I
> did something else wrong?
> Anyway, I think this is great progress
> I tried the Chopper Thingey.
> I set...
> Chop File Prefix: Yes
> At or After First:
> Character of Type: Punctuation
> I could not change the middle setting, since there was nothing to set.
> On "Character of Type", the setting "Letter or Digit" displays as "Letter
> or D". Perhaps on the player it should be "Ltr / Digit", or maybe "Ltr or
> Digt", since that fits the 11 character screen.
> My files look like "01 - Filename.mp3". With the above settings I get
> "- Filename.mp3".
> Michael

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