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Subject: RE: Playlist Managers
From: Henry Tremolo (
Date: 2003-05-28

>What software do people find the best, I currently
>just use winamp for the job, but I'd like
My playlist software, works well:

@echo off
dir /s /b \_mp3-files\*.mp? >AllMusic.m3u
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Secular\Rock\Dream Theater\*.mp?" >"Dream Theater.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\sekalaisia\*.mp?" >"Sekalaisia.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Christian\*.mp?" >"Christian.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Secular\*.mp?" >"Secular.m3u"

rem Tee Albumit -playlist
copy Secular.m3u Albumit.m3u
type Christian.m3u >>Albumit.m3u

dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Christian\Praise\*.mp?" >"Praise.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Christian\Gospel\*.mp?" >"Gospel.m3u"

copy Praise.m3u PraiseAndGospel.m3u
type Gospel.m3u >>PraiseAndGospel.m3u

dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Christian\Pop\*.mp?" >"ChristianPop.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Christian\Pop\SoftPop\*.mp?" >"ChristianSoftPop.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Christian\Pop\HardPop\*.mp?" >"ChristianHardPop.m3u"

dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Secular\Pop\*.mp?" >"SecularPop.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Secular\Pop\SoftPop\*.mp?" >"SecularSoftPop.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Secular\Pop\HardPop\*.mp?" >"SecularHardPop.m3u"

copy SecularPop.m3u Pop.m3u
type ChristianPop.m3u >>Pop.m3u

copy SecularsoftPop.m3u SoftPop.m3u
type ChristianSoftPop.m3u >>SoftPop.m3u

copy SecularhardPop.m3u HardPop.m3u
type ChristianHardPop.m3u >>HardPop.m3u

dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Christian\Rock\*.mp?" >"ChristianRock.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Secular\Rock\*.mp?" >"SecularRock.m3u"

copy SecularRock.m3u Rock.m3u
type ChristianRock.m3u >>Rock.m3u

dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Christian\Jazz\*.mp?" >"ChristianJazz.m3u"
dir /s/b "\_mp3-files\Secular\Jazz\*.mp?" >"SecularJazz.m3u"

copy SecularJazz.m3u Jazz.m3u
type ChristianJazz.m3u >>Jazz.m3u


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