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Subject: RE: CPUAdrEr crash after shuffling

RE: CPUAdrEr crash after shuffling

From: Henry Tremolo <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 08:00:35 +0300

>I can't reproduce this using the latest bleeding edge build. Would you
>include a copy of your config file (General Settings->Write .cfg file) to
>make sure we've got the correct settings. Also, any other information about
>what you were playing (playlist or dirplay? number of tracks? etc.) would
>be helpful.


/*I add this after my reply was finished and a lot of testing was done:
now it suddenly works. Don't know how, but maybe toggling many settings
on/off cleaned something from the memory. Try to make the resume-trick
and check, if your unit does the same.*/

On my unit, there's no change if I play a playlist or a directory.
In the playlist I checked has nearly 4000 songs, and the directories
had minimum of 3 files. But, as I realized, you don't even need to play anything,
1) boot rockbox
2) (my device has resume on) -> press STOP to get browser
2) In browser, press F2
3) press left-left-left to toggle shuffle playing on-off-on (as I realized,
only setting shuffle to ON is enough)
4) Press F2 to get browser -> screen goes garbled (the whole screen
filled with y's having two dots over them). After that it says the
error message with CPUAdrEr

Just now I'm testing it and found the Resume setting was important:
If i change Resume:No, the device works, but this reported error
can be reproduced only if Resume is Yes. (settings No,Ask and Ask
Once did work, even i answered Yes to resume question on startup)

I can change Repeat setting and Show Files option in F2 without
problems as the settings in F3. The only problems occur if I toggle

Second point: There's no change, if I toggle shuffle from the menu
using F1 or quick screen F2. If I go to F1-General Settings-Playback-
Shuffle but don't try change it, I can return to browser and everything
is fine.

This is my configuration:

# >>> .cfg file created by rockbox 030528-0122 <<<
# >>> <<<
# wps / language / font
wps: /.rockbox/DEFAULT.wps
font: /.rockbox/UWE_PROP.fnt
# Sound settings
volume: 87
bass: 0
treble: -2
balance: 0
channels: stereo
loudness: 0
bass boost: 0
auto volume: off
# Playback
shuffle: on
repeat: off
play selected: on
resume: on
scan min step: 1
scan accel: 3
antiskip: 0
volume fade: on
# File View
sort case: off
show files: all
follow playlist: off
# Display
statusbar: on
scrollbar: on
volume display: graphic
battery display: graphic
scroll speed: 7
scroll delay: 20
scroll step: 3
bidir limit: 0
backlight timeout: 15
backlight when plugged: off
caption backlight: on
contrast: 29
invert: off
invert cursor: on
peak meter release: 8
peak meter hold: 500ms
peak meter clip hold: 60
peak meter busy: off
peak meter dbfs: on
peak meter min: 60
peak meter max: 0
# System
disk spindown: 5
disk poweroff: on
battery capacity: 1800
deep discharge: off
trickle charge: on
time format: 24hour
idle poweroff: off
# Recording
rec quality: 5
rec frequency: 44
rec source: mic
rec channels: stereo
rec mic gain: 8
rec left gain: 2
rec right gain: 2
editable recordings: off
max files in dir: 100
max files in playlist: 5000



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Received on 2003-05-29

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