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Subject: Need rockbox installation help
From: Frank Incensed (
Date: 2003-06-02

I would like to install rockbox on my archos recorder 20. However, being a
something less than an ubergeek, I dont quit understand the directions.
After I download the rockbox operating system, do I just transfer the file
onto the hard drive? Should I open it before transferring it? Should I open
it after transferring it?

It says to install into root directory, does that just mean to transfer it
to archos hard drive like I would a music file?

As far as renaming the archos operating system, I dont even see it. If I
have no music loaded, the jukebox icon shows nothing when looking at it via
my computer. I deleted some music files, or at least what I thought were
music files that were already on the h.d. when I bought the player. Did I
inadvertantly delete something I shouldnt have?

Any help would be appreciated

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