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Subject: power off
From: Nanne Huiges (
Date: 2003-06-03


i have a weird problem with my unit (might be broken?) When i push the
'next' button to skip a song the unit powers down. this happens regardless
of condition of battery, but only in the WPS. i think it's kinda weird.
browsing through the dirs is easy, i'd like to skipp a song once a while..

because it's only in the wps, i guess it's a software error, though it
could be that i'm pressing/holding the stop thingy..
other thoughts i had: maybe next does a spinup of hte HD, that casues
voltage/amperage to drop, then gives a power off (but it does say "power
off" in the screen before stoping..sems lik a 'clean' stop to me.)

anyone got a clue?

ow wait: i'm using the 2.0 version on a jukebox studio10 :)

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