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Subject: Re: new FAQ entry: digital I/O not working

Re: new FAQ entry: digital I/O not working

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 02:10:12 +0100

P.S. I have just hooked my JBR20 [recent purchase; UK; black bumbers;
v1.28] up "digitally" and it is the *WHITE* or *LEFT* channel which is
*DIGITAL OUT* ...and yes, I DID check my cable was wired correctly ...with
a battery and my tongue (couldn't find my meter!)

### <- 3.5mm stereo/three-contact plug/male
  H <- Common Shield / GND
  H <- Ring / Left / White / Digital Out
  V <- Tip / Right / Red / Digital In (*untested*)

o: Plug part name / stereo channel / standard colour code / JBR digital

...In your FAQ entry, you claim that it is the other way around this
a mistake, or have they produced two different units??


At 18:32 03/06/03 +0100, you wrote:
>Yes, from someone who has had a digital I/O problem - your FAQ entry would
>have stopped me from asking here :)
>I think Michaels comments are also valid, and I would like to add a small
>snippet of my own ..I know that it effectively just repeats the S/PDIF
>info, but for less technical people:
>my 2 cents...
>Some amplifiers support MP3 decoding. With the Archos you must *disable*
>this feature of the amp, and use "PCM" mode. This is because the Archos
>has already decoded the MP3 for you.
>-and either-
>The Archos *can* send an MP3 encoded signal, but this feature is not yet
>supported by Rockbox.
>Due to hardware constraints, the Archos *cannot* send an MP3 encoded
>signal - the signal from the Archos is *always* decoded BEFORE it gets to
>the amplifier.
>At 09:41 03/06/03 -0700, you wrote:
>>Makes sense to me.
>>Note that the Players don't have a S/PDIF jack, however.
>>The Recorder and FM Recorder have a connector for digital audio output
>>using the common S/PDIF standard (Sony/Phillips Digital Interface). This
>>jack is not present on the Studio/Player models. By using the digital
>>output in combination...
>>On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, Andreas Stemmer wrote:
>> > I know this is not really a rockbox related topic, but there are
>> > frequent questions about the digital I/O. Perhaps we should add this to
>> > the faq:
>> > (Feel free to change anything if there's something missing/wrong/badly
>> > verbalised)
>> >
>> > Question:
>> > 74. There's a digital I/O connector on my jukebox. What is it good for?
>> >
>> > Answer:
>> > All jukebox models have a connector for digital audio ouput using the
>> > common S/PDIF standard (Sony/Phillips Digital Interface). By using the
>> > digital output in combination with high class external equipment, you
>> > can get much better sound quality out of your jukebox, because you can
>> > use better DA-converters and better amplifiers. The recorder and FM
>> > recorder models also can record from digital sources. The digital inputs
>> > don't have the 15kHz lowpass filter like the analog inputs and you are
>> > sure to minimize the noise floor.
>> > Generally, S/PDIF can be an electrical or an optical signal and there
>> > are many devices that support both. There are even small 3.5mm sockets
>> > that can take either an optical or an electrical cable. But the socket
>> > on the jukebox is for electrical signals only!
>> > If you want to connect your amp with digital input (RCA type) to the
>> > output of your jukebox you need an adapter cable (3.5mm stereo jack to
>> > dual RCA jack). Plug the 3.5mm stero jack into the digital I/O socket of
>> > your jukebox and the red RCA jack (right channel) into the digital input
>> > socket of your amp and that's it. You don't have to enable the digital
>> > output. The sound settings on the digital output are always flat, your
>> > volume, bass, treble, bass boost, loudness settings won't have any
>> > effect here.
>> > For recording digital signals, use the white RCA jack (left channel) and
>> > plug it into the digital output of your CD player, MD player or
>> > whatever. Don't forget to select digital input in the recording
>> > settings.
>> > If you want to connect devices with optical inputs/outputs, you need a
>> > small converter box which converts your signal from electrical to
>> > optical (for digital output) respectively optical to electrical (for
>> > digital recording).
>> >
Received on 2003-06-04

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