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Subject: Re: left channel trouble, need advice

Re: left channel trouble, need advice

From: Mike Holden <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 00:08:43 +0100 (BST)

Could the contact(s) within the headphone socket have become a bit
mis-aligned? This is something that is apparently quite common with the
battery contacts in Archos, and a bit of work with a screwdriver can push
them back to the right location. I have resolved problems in jack sockets
by this method in the past, but I can't say whether this is the issue here
or not.

miles said:
> BlueChip wrote:
>> At 22:18 03/06/03 -0400, you wrote:
>>> I have an fm recorder and live by the daily builds. I like this
>>> device, but once I found rockbox by searching for ".ajz" on google I
>>> haven't put it down, a sincere thank you to the rockbox crew.
>>> Recently the left channel has been cracking and will go out entirely
>>> if the headphone connection is slightly pushed in just the right
>>> direction (about 20 degrees up and in the direction of the line in
>>> port). I like to walk around with it in my pocket and this is making
>>> listening difficult while on the move.
>>> I can't send it back to Archos since I just upgraded the HD,
>>> interestingly there was no warranty sticker but I doubt that will get
>>> me anywhere with their customer dis-service.
>>> So, what can I do to fix this?
>> This sounds to me like you have abused the headphone jack - maybe you
>> dropped the player whilst the phones were plugged in or equal kind of
>> event(s). If you have 20^ of play on the socket then the chances are
>> that it is no longer connected to the PCB. And it WOULD most likely
>> be the L channel that goes!
>> If it is, the fix is fiddly, but quite simple.
>> Open the unit up and solder the socket back to the pcb!
>> You may find that where the socket has come up, that it has lifted the
>> pcb track.
>> If so, the fix becomes a bit more fiddly :(
>> cannot simply solder to the pcb track, as it is broken
>> ...clean up an extra bit of track RIGHT next to the socket solder
>> point - scrape off the resin coat with a screwdriver
>> ...join the already-present solder blob to the newly-cleaned track and
>> join the two with a tiny bit of wire
>> may also want to put in a spot of hot-plastic; expoxy glue; or
>> super-glue on the socket to give it a bit of added future stability -
>> MAKE SURE IT WORKS FIRST! ...superglue is MY preference as it can be
>> broken without too much hassle; epoxy is kinda permenant; hot-plastic
>> glue gun things can be removed, but can be a bit of a pain on small
>> things.
>> I just hope you have a basic grasp of how to use a soldering iron - if
>> not; this is not the place to learn - get a friend to help :)
> Abused is such a strong word, I do confess to getting the cord hooked on
> a doorknob two months ago, but I did not notice a single click until
> two days ago, really out of nowhere (thought it was the song I was
> listening to).
> The 20 degree angle I mentioned was meant to describe the direction of
> the force I need to apply to make the channel go out, it's not quite
> that bad. But if I were to try to perform the fix you just described
> I'd be looking for a new mp3 player :)
> It seems like the application of the force is just barely pushing the
> headphone connection off of the left channel contact, but while the
> player is stationary I have no problems. I bought an L-adapter for my
> good headphones and made a little mod to the neoprene case which keeps
> the headphone connection isolated, and this pretty much works but
> there's nothing worse than getting into your music and losing a channel,
> major buzzkill.
> If there is no easy fix that doesn't require the soldering iron, (which
> seems doubtful) I'll make sure to give the tech at the electronics
> repair store a copy of your instructions.
> Thanks for the help.

Mike Holden
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Received on 2003-06-05

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