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Subject: Re: High kbps/Low kbps power consumption
From: Jon Drukman (
Date: 2003-06-05

At 02:10 PM 6/5/2003, wrote:
>That's why I was wondering if it had to do with bitrate/power consumption.
>Is it possible that the way my music was encoded is a problem? I'm no
>expert on these matters.

seems unlikely. maybe your hd is starting to have read errors... that
would cause a gap as the drive tried to re-read the sector to get a clean
read. it would be more likely to show up on 320K because the buffer has to
be refreshed more often. this is pure speculation though.

>Are you using the shipped batteries, or something else?

shipped batteries, haven't charged them in quite a while.

i noticed your other email speculated on the length of the file being an
issue... i just encoded a one hour wav file to a 320K mp3 (161M output
file) and i am listening to it on the JBR now. it's playing fine so far
but i'm not very far into it. does your problem manifest itself
immediately or does it take a while for it to show up?


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