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Subject: Re: BATTERY-FAQ and the FM

Re: BATTERY-FAQ and the FM

From: Martin <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 00:57:18 +0200

i have the same problem with my battery on my mobilphone .......cant keep it
recharging all the time they told me where i bought it,
(its a LiIon of course)
They told me you cant recharge your mobilephone all day and night, better to
shut the phone off during night, you have a standby time on 240 h
.......recharge it a few times a week....and during night,shut your mobile
phone off.....

So......better keep the fm-recorder on a timer when rechargin it, LiIon are
very sensitive to heat as all the other batteries....

EXCEPT THE BATTERY they charge the battery(hardware),how hard
it is to replace, one thing is to take out the battery from the
fm-recorder,once you have done it, must find a replacement
battery.......those three things are very bad in my point of view

The development of Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) based batteries retained
the beneficial electrochemical properties of metallic lithium without
exhibiting most of the safety drawbacks. However, care must still be
taken to not overcharge a Li-Ion battery. Overcharging results in the
formation of pure lithium metal, which can react and cause overheating,
fire and even explosions in extreme cases. Most Li-Ion batteries
have built in safety mechanisms such as pressure actuated
electrical disconnect to prevent the most drastic consequences, but
careful circuit design must still be done to ensure that the battery is
not overcharged. At the very least, the battery will be damaged and
have a shorter lifetime.

> Wow. So Sony was feeding me a line when they told me that it was my
> fault that the LiIon in my notebook "died"? They said because I left it
> plugged in all the time (basically using the notebook as a desktop
> replacement and the battery as a "UPS") that caused the battery to go.
> The stinkin' things are like $250. I can't afford to be replacing them
> every 8 months or so. But I think they must be right or the battery
> design is crap, because I just "killed" a second one about a month ago.
> I'm just going to get a UPS and save some money.

> On Thu, 05 Jun 2003 16:58:12 -0400, Neon John wrote:
> >NO!!! Fergodsakes, before you give out advice on LiIon batteries, at
> >least read up on the things. This control chip manages the battery as
> >it needs to be managed. It does NOT hurt a LiIon battery to do a low
> >trickle charge. It does NOT hurt a LiIon battery to shallow discharge
> >it. There is NOTHING to do other than plug the unit in and forget about
> >it. All you'd by putting the unit on a timer is allow the battery
> >dicharge a little, as there is a small drain to maintain the memory and
> >operate the clock.
> >
> >John --- John De Armond
> > Cleveland, Occupied TN

> Chris
Received on 2003-06-06

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