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Subject: Per file/directory cfg file loader
From: Brian King (
Date: 2003-06-07

I just uploaded a patch that allows for automatically loading of a cfg
like files that can be maintained on a per directory, per mp3, or per
m3u basis. The files handled include:

1) mp3-specific, called trackname.cfo
2) m3u-specific, called playlist.cfo
3) dir-specific, called _default.cfo

I changed the extension (config override) because I didn't want these
files to show up in the file browser. A user should never need to "play"
one of these files manually.

Some layering of cfg files is also allowed. You can have a _default.cfo
file in a given directory and a trackname.cfo as well. The _default.cfo
will get loaded first, then the trackname.cfo will get loaded.

After playing a given song with a .cfo override file associated with it,
the settings prior to loading the override file are restored.

One feature I didn't implement was attempting to recurse the directory
structure for a given file, loading every _default.cfo in the path... If
this is a feature anyone wants, let me know and I can add it.


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