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Subject: Re: Charging/battery patch (was Re: BATTERY-FAQ and the FM)

Re: Charging/battery patch (was Re: BATTERY-FAQ and the FM)

From: Magnus Holmgren <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 13:25:59 +0200

Mike Holden wrote:

> I am about to do some more work on my patch for charging/battery display,
> so I think that one final round of discussion on the layout would be
> appropriate at this stage.
> The main points were:
> Battery status icon: this will always be displayed in the mode the user
> has selected (graphical or numeric), and will always show the current
> battery charge percent. When charging, this will be capped to not show
> 100%. It is currently capped at 99%, but I feel this is too close to 100%
> and users may still remove the charger on the basis that it is "almost
> done" when in reality it may still be some way off full. I would
> personally cap at maybe 89%, 90% or maybe 95%.

Would it be possible to use a different voltage curve during charge? At
least for the player, the voltage is typically a bit higher when the
charger is plugged (e.g., with full batteries the voltage is 0.10 to
0.15 volts higher when the charger is plugged).

> Charger plugged icon: This will not be shown when the charger is not
> plugged in. When the charger is plugged in, but the unit is not charging,
> the icon will be solid. When the charger is charging, the icon will flash
> 1 second on, 1 second off. Can we detect whether the player is currently
> charging? On FM, I can look at the external power level to see whether
> voltage is being applied or not.

Is there any place in the debug menus I can look for this?

> USB mode: when the USB plug is inserted, any playback items will be
> removed from the status line (volume, stop/play/pause, shuffle, repeat
> etc), leaving battery level/charging status, plus the current time. The
> current battery runtime will be displayed on the bottom of the screen,
> with a suitable prefix to indicate what the time means. On recorder/FM,
> this can be text such as "Runtime:", "Battery time:" or "Battery life:",
> but on player this would be too big and would cause ugly scrolling. Can we
> display a battery icon here on player (same as the battery status one)? If
> we can, maybe we should do this on recorder/FM as well for consistency, or
> would text be better? Deep discharge charging mode will be disabled during
> USB mode.

For the player, the same icon can't be used. Something similar could be
created using custom chars (each being 5x8 pixels), but I guess text,
like this, would be better: "Batt: hh:mm" (btw, my player is patched to
show percentage instead of "Batt", but that's not very informative for
the average user).

Magnus Holmgren
Received on 2003-06-14

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