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Subject: Re: Simulators won't compile

Re: Simulators won't compile

From: <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 22:04:21 +0200 (MEST)

hello bluechip,

as hardeep notes, the "generic" win32sdk I released months ago could not
compile simulator stuff.
this was mentioned on my site - unfortunately I didn`t mention this from the
very beginning.

because I needed the simulator stuff for myself and found, that it wouldn`t
"blow up" the sdk size
that much - I made an updated version of the sdk which support building the
simulator and building
the tools now.
unfortunately there where some minor problems, because I didn`t have much
time for proper
"Quality Assurance".
I hope the problems are fixed now and all goes right - I think it should run
on Win98, too. (i`m
shure by >90% - but i don`t have that OS anymore - so i cannot test this)

the new package is at:

there are 2 differences to the "normal" win32sdk installation notes:

1. don`t create a c:\cygwin folder - just untar to c:\
2. you don`t need the separate tools download. go to the tools-dir and run
"make" on the bash prompt
   to build the tools

please don`t post issues regarding the new sdk to the list - I first want to
have a 101% sdk, before
"going public" again. contact me directly by email and I will help you
getting that run (and you help me
making installation bulletproof and give some feedback - is this ok? ;)


> Does someone have these illusive header files that I need? Maybe (if they
I don`t think anybody needs rockbox simulator /X11 version on win32 - so I
don`t spend a second with
issues regarding this. If I`m wrong, please tell me, why someone wants to
use X11 version on win32. If there is someone, who is doing so, I think he
doesn`t use my sdk. he should have a complete cygwin setup anyway (and this
includes Xfree86 X-Server, which is needed for running X11 apps)

> Has anybody had any success in getting the Win32 simulator to compile?
> I lost about three hours on it with Hardeep last night so I can debug my
> new game(s), but to no avail!
> Hardeep suggests that 'it just works', but not for me :(
> Maybe it is because I still run '98?
> The error I left it with last night (and this is NOT the last error that I
> reported on IRC) was, upon attempted compilation of each
> uisimulator/filename.c:
> "gcc.exe: not found"
> I also tried to get cygwin X11 simulator running, but apparently I need
> some header files from the cygwin installer - however, aside of being the
> worst installer ever written, when the cygwin installer finally ate
> windows
> (reset button only) I gave up with that too.
> Does someone have these illusive header files that I need? Maybe (if they
> are not too big) they could be held on the rockbox web page - if not, I'm
> sure SOMEONE would host them!?
> hoping someone can help..
> BC
> PS. that was with yesterdays daily source

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Received on 2003-06-17

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