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Subject: Re: Re: Free HD space and PANIC
From: Martin Borus (
Date: 2003-06-17 schrieb am 17.06.03 01:02:37:
> If the user accepts this (battery-draining) behaviour, we can change
> that in an instance. But it means that the disk will spin up and search
> the FAT for 5-10 (or more) seconds when the info menu is entered.
> Opinions? Comments?

If it takes 5-10 seconds to calculate the free space then I would like
to trigger this manually only when I really, really need to know the free
space - mostly before starting a long recording. In normal use (when the
unit is not connected or no recording is planned) the free space information
doesn't have much use. If the jukebox starts accessing the HD for several seconds
when you enter the "info" menu this might scare users.

Now if I understand it the fast free space information is often wrong, at
least, when the jukebox has been connected to a windows PC. In that case
you might want to remove the free space info from the info screen completely and
give it it's own menu when you have a start button that says "calculate free space now".

BTW, the information I get in the "debug" menu (CVS 030612) is also incorrect and
the same as in the info screen.

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