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Subject: Re: Charging/battery patch (was Re: BATTERY-FAQ and the FM)
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-06-17

Björn Stenberg said:
> Mike Holden wrote:
>> > The problem is we don't know that. We can only read the voltage,
>> which is higher during charging than otherwise.
>> Are you talking about the Player specifically here? Surely the value
>> is still a reasonable indication of charge. Can we re-scale it a
>> little during charging?
> Rescaling could work, although we'd need good margins so it never can
> reach 100% before charging is complete.

I already planned to cap the charge level shown. It is currently capped at
99%, but I think it should be lower.

>> > I don't think i should be flashing. I associate flashing symbols as
>> attention seekers, i.e. "something is wrong, look here".
>> What do you suggest instead?
> Wild idea: How about making the shell of the battery symbol into
> "walking ants"? (You know, like selections in graphics programs.)

This would work for those that choose the graphical battery mode. I prefer
the numeric mode, so this wouldn't work. That's why I aim to animate the
charger plugged icon so it works for both modes.

Mike Holden

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