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Subject: Changelog sanity check
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2003-06-18

As with all my newbie questions there is probably a logical explanation.

Just as a sanity check...

rockbox-daily-20030613.tar.gz (547900 bytes) Changelog (0 changes)
rockbox-daily-20030614.tar.gz (547889 bytes) Changelog (0 changes)
rockbox-daily-20030615.tar.gz (549827 bytes) Changelog (0 changes)
rockbox-daily-20030616.tar.gz (549843 bytes) Changelog (0 changes)
rockbox-daily-20030617.tar.gz (549847 bytes) Changelog (0 changes)
rockbox-daily-20030618.tar.gz (549834 bytes) Changelog (0 changes)

How comes (0 changes) causes a filesize change?


Also, aesthetically, the list at the top of the page (seen above) is in
INCREASING date order.
Whereas the CVS compile status at the bottom of the page is in DECREASING order
That caught me three or four times before I spotted it!


Lastly, I note that the CVS has missed a number of builds recently - there
have been 0 changes, so it matters not, I just thought maybe someone might
like to know, in case it is a batch job that has been failing and gone


P.S. Thanks to all those who have helped me solve my recent simulator
prolems - all is now working just fine and dandy :-) of my more stupid mistakes was to use WinRAR to "unzip" the dev kits
...Do NOT use **ANY** Windoze sowftware to unzip the dev kits! You really
*MUST* use bzip2.exe and tar.exe at the prompt! (Mainly because of
symbolic links)
...there *IS* already a comment about this in the docs, I just wanted to
highlight it again :)

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