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Subject: Re:Re: New menu system Suggestion

Re:Re: New menu system Suggestion

From: Bio Hazard <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 22:55:08 -0500

That would be awesome if quick access was user-programable :) never thought of that... it could be a .UPM file (User Programmable Menu)

you are right about the ordering thing with the sliders too...
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: BlueChip
  Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 9:57 PM
  Subject: Re: New menu system Suggestion

  I presume "quick access" is user programmable?
  So if I want "bass boost" under quick access i can?

  Otherwise yes, much tidier = but then such is the normal result of hindsight and experience

  Sliders for vols/bass/treble/etc would be my favourite enhancement.
  ...on the note of which would:
  Bass Boost
  Balance a more logical order

  ...volume is available from everywhere, so demote it to the bottom of the list
  ...balance will almost never change so leave it with volume
  ...others are in frequency order, higest at the top, lowest at the bottom
  ...can we have a parametric? lol <-

  At 12:58 19/06/03 -0500, you wrote:

    i have a new menu structure idea... i think it has all the current options
    reply with good\bad stuff...
    Rockbox menu system
     (O) means these are the available options when the above is selected
     (T) Means the option is ethier on or off
     (S) Means there is a Slider (with a percent)
    If n option dosent have a designated set of options, it means everything is kept the same...

     Text Files
      Select Playlist
      Edit Playlist
      Save Playlist
      Delete Playlist
    Functions (*if any)
     Recording (* recorder only)
      Start Recording
      Recording options
     FM Recording (* FM Recorder only)
      Start recording
      Recording Settings
       FM Frequency
       Retro Recording
    Quick Acsess
     ID3 Info
     Sleep timer
      Volume (S)
      Bass (S)
      Bass Boost (S)
      Treble (S)
      Balance (S)
      Loudness (S)
       (O) Mono Left, Mono Right, Mono, Stereo Narrow, Stereo, Stereo Wide,
      Kareoke Mode (T)
      Auto Volume
       (O) Shuffle, repeat one, repeat all,
      Fade on stop/pause (T)
      Controll Freak
       Anti-Skip Buffer
       Ff/Rw Min step
       Ff/Rw Accel
      Resume (T)
      LCD Options
        Turnoff Delay
        On when plugged-in (T)
        Caption Backlight (T)
       Contrast (S)
       Invert (T)
      File browser
       Show files of type
       Case sensitive (T)
       Follow Playlist (T)
       Volume Icon
        (O) Numeric, Graphic,
       Battery Icon
        (O) Numeric, Graphic,
       Show Icons (T)
       Scroll Bar (T)
       Status Bar (T)
       Line Selector (T)
       WPS Selector
      Controll Freak
       (Insert Peak Meter menu here)
       Spindown HD
       HD Poweroff
       Power Saving
       Idle Poweroff
        Deep Discharge
        Trickle Charge
       Max Playlist Size
       Max Files in Browser
       Set Time/Date
       Time Format
       Overview (Originally Info Menu)
      Config Browser
       Save CFG
       Select CFG
      Reset Settings
       *Are You Sure Prompt*
      Debug (Keep out!)
Received on 2003-06-20

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