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Subject: Re: Me too: Strange disconnections (and reconnections) in USB mode with one of my USB ports.
From: Pipo (
Date: 2003-06-26

>> Now, I explain what i have just seen with my new JukeBox Recorder.
>> When I connect it with one of my front USB2 ports in windows, the Hardisk
>> disconnects it-self when i read some data. Then, windows XP is looping :
>> connection, disconnection, and so.... This happends only whith one of the
>> port !
>I have that, too (using XP). It's always been like that, looks like there is
>just a certain probability for it to happen. In the range of every 15
>minutes or so. For that reason I cannot watch DivX movies directly from the box,
>have to copy them to local hd first. Otherwise it's very annoing, with the
>media player failing after a while.

        I agree with that. I think transferts with USB 2 could drain too power and with my "weeker" USB front port it could disconnect the Archos. Perhaps, I have the same problem with other Port in a long period of use (I will try this).
>Interesting that you say it doesn't happen with the original firmware. I
>haven't paid attention to it, but would say that mostly I'm in USB mode with the
>Archos firmware because powering it on plugged. Will check that next time.
  No, I didn't say that. I have said that it happends with the original archos Firmware. It's the same problem. Perhaps, my front USB2 ports are not really USB2 compliant .... However, my cm and "boitier" have been marked as USB2...

>I was also suspecting power glitches, although I always use the charger
>cable for longer sessions. For the record, I have a Fujitsu 60GB drive, in case
>it depends.
        I will to use the charger now ;-). It could really solve my problem !
        Thank you for your answer

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