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Subject: applying the radio scanning code patch to current cvs
From: spidermagnet (
Date: 2003-06-27

I wanted to try the radio frequency scanning patch, but had the cvs from
yesterday (2003-06-26), not the older one it was diff'ed against. It has
been far too long since I worked in c, but the fixes were easy.

After the fixes, it compiled and runs on my current fm recorder.

There were two compile errors i had to change.

This function was passing the wrong number of arguments to
"set_bool_options". I added the final "NULL"

static bool radio_range_menu(void)
    bool retval = set_bool_options("Frequency range",
"10Mhz - 160Mhz",
                                    "88Mhz - 108Mhz",NULL);
    return retval;

This function needed to pass the additonal argument "INT" to

 static bool radio_sensitivity_menu(void)
     char *names[] = {"0 dB", "-5 dB", "-10 dB", "-16 dB"};
     bool retval = set_option("Sensitivity",
                               INT, names, 4, NULL);
     radio_set(RADIO_SENSITIVITY, global_settings.fm_sensitivity);
     return retval;

I'll speak my functionality questions in another email.

all good things,


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