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Subject: Re: Rockbox in Flash init code
From: Gerald Clark (
Date: 2002-01-03

Initiaization code need not take up any room.
You put it at the end of your code, and as the last step you set your data buffer
to start in the same place.
>Allow me to disagree, although I'm biased because I'm the one driving this.
>I've added some very minor initializations which were missing. Speaking about
>code size, this is a few bytes.
>You can argue that this is still extra code not needed in the "regular" use
>case, but for the same reason we would have to kick out most of the
>initializations which Rockbox does, just because that's already been done by the
>initial firmware. However, this would make us very dependent on the firmware
>behaviour. If one day Archos comes out with an updated firmware and we rely on
>their settings, Rockbox may not run any more. I'd prefer to do the full set of
>inits and be independent. The latest "cold start" experiments just revealed
>some oversights in the present inits. There's nothing flash-specific about
>However, there will be a few lines or in the future, when I start looking
>for ajbrec.ajz in the root and rolo that. But still I don't like a compile
>switch for that, instead I will detect the cold start and decide at runtime. We
>have in my opinion too many different builds already, the difference is very
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