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Subject: Re: Wrong button problem
From: John Donahue (
Date: 2003-07-06

The button problem with mine, as well as that of Martin Vicentini, is with the down button seen as right & sometimes play,left.

In View I/O ports, the down button gives ~30C for AN5. However when slowly releasing the down button, the value occasionally and briefly shows as ~2C0 before jumping back to ~003. Actually it's tough to see what that split-second value is, but when it does show it's in the 2XX range.
Left, play, and right buttons are 1D0,130,270 for AN5. So I guess it's the _releasing_ of the down button that's being seen as the pushing of the right (ffwd) button?

Linus wrote:
To all of you with the UP/F2 problem: Go to menu->debug->view i/o ports. Then press F1, F2, F3 and UP and report the AN4 values back to me. The value will not be stable, so give me an average.


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