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Subject: Re: FM Recorder charger specs & USB problem
From: Justin Heiner (
Date: 2003-07-07

In the meantime, I would suggest connecting your FM Recorder to your USB on the computer... it will charge using that (as long as you're not playing/copying files)... basically, if the HD isn't spinning up lots, it'll charge overnight just fine.


---------- Original Message ----------
To: (
From: eXus (
Subject: FM Recorder charger specs & USB problem
Date: 7/7/2003 12:05:10p

>Hi there !
>I just bought a FM Recorder 20Go, and unfortunatly it seems that the
>charger provided with the player was the wrong one... (9V 600mA, the same
>that comes with the Jukebox Recorder...)
>This one died after three hours ! I hope my batteries aren't damaged in
>any way... I can't boot up my Archos anymore, due to the lack of power.
>So is there anybody there who knows the correct specs for the charger ? I
>assume it would be something like 5V 1500mA, but I'm not sure about it.
>I got another (worse, maybe) problem : my player indicated it was plugged
>to my computer (USB screen) even if it was unplugged... Archos told me to
>send the player for repair, but I really want to try to solve it by myself
>(with your help ;-)). So I wanted to know if the USB detection is handled
>by software or by hardware, and if there is any way to bypass it.
>Thank you.

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