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Subject: Re: Rockbox from flash questions from a user's point of view
Date: 2003-07-08

> >>> I would imagine you could also still ROLO a daily build after your
> >>> 3 second boot process without incurring too much boredom. :)
> >>>
> >>
> >> I full agree with you.
> >>
> > I don't. Didn't measure it, but this loading and descrambling takes
> > pretty long, will probably double your boot time.
> >
> > In fact, the boot time is about 4 seconds now since I introduced the
> > checking for ajbrec.ajz present. I'm thinking about taking this out
> > again. If we can easily flash without risk, we don't really need that
> > feature. You still have the manual rolo if for special purpose you need
> > another software.
> Huh? Looks like you say you don't agree with me and then you say the same
> thing? Okay, you didn't understand I meant the current 3 second boot
> followed by a manual ROLO, or did you change your mind at some point?
> Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, but I never knew ROLO could be anything but
> manual. I wasn't proposing any checks for firmware. I would think that
> to be redundant given the capacity for two firmwares in ROM.

That was the misunderstanding. By "loading and descrambling takes pretty
long, will probably double your boot time" I meant an automatic startup rolo,
when ajbrec.ajz is present. That's the way I've implemented it now, if such I
file is present, it will get rolo-ed. To mimic the original firmware
behaviour. But again, since flashing the second image is a risk-free breeze, this may
be an outdated feature then.


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