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Subject: Re: battery level after RLD
From: Johan Vromans (
Date: 2003-07-08

scott <> writes:

> has anyones else noticed that after an RLD (after you shut down and
> start up again), the battery is 5-15% lower than it was before? i
> jumped from 92% to 85% today, but i've noticed this many times
> before, although it doesn't happen EVERY time. they seem really
> random. sometimes at low battery, sometimes at full, sometimes while
> moving, sometimes while sitting still. odd.

Au contraire. I was just wondering why my AJBR20 showed a charge of
35% after been on the charger for the whole night (deep discharge is
off, trickle charge is on). I restarted the AJBR20 several times (I
went shopping) and the charge stayed around 35%.
Then I got a RLD, rebooted, and now the charge is 90%.
I use CVS build 7/7/03 (yesterday).

-- Johan

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