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Subject: Re: Is this true? WILL ROCKBOX WORK ON ANY ARCHOS?
From: Sharon (
Date: 2003-07-09

Thanks for your response, Jean. This seller has more than one at
eBay, so evidently they get them and repair them to resell. Just was
curious if that soldering statement was true, that they are better
than the original!

Still would like to hear from anyone if I can get any Archos unit and
use the Rockbox OS on it???

Thanks very much for all help!


> > 2. Can the Rockbox OS be installed on any of the Archos units? The
>> 6-, 10-, 20-GB, recorders and non-recorders, "Studio", etc.? Could I
>> buy any unit and use the OS you all talk about? I need it installed
>> so I get that wonderful pause feature for listening to books.
>> I just need a 6GB, so I am hoping to get one at a decent price and
>> then hopefully be able to install Rockbox on it!
>> Thanks for any help....
>> Sharon
>Sharon, welcome back to the fold. I have a 6GB studio. Linus sent me a
>patch (I'm not sure this is the correct word) for it to resume after a
>pause or a stop. It is simple, it works very well and it installs easily
>without any specific knowledge.
>I wouldn't buy from this salesman, he sounds like a highwayman to me. Buy a
>new unit from Archos and if it is defective, just return it.

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