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Subject: Re: Can ROLO load non-scrambled images?
Date: 2003-07-10

> Now that I have flashed my RB, the biggest delay in starting up is
> descrambling the abjrec.ajz file.

Why are you still doing this? If you flashed it, rename "abjrec.ajz" to e.g.
"abjrec.ajz_" to avoid Rockbox finding it, versus the F1-Archos software
will still load it. If you want to upgrade to a newer version, just flash that
one instead.

In fact, I'm thinking about removing that feature again, Rockbox checking
for abjrec.ajz, although I deliberately have put that in. Checking for that in
the root directory prolonges the power on til resume from 3 seconds to 4
seconds, at least for me. If the box can directly resume, it doesn't need to scan
the root directory, semms to save a second. That feature is a bit obsolete
now, because if you want the box to start a different firmware, just flash it.


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