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Subject: Re: Rockbox void warranty?
From: Jean Boullier (
Date: 2003-07-11

Tony, keep cool...
 From what I have learned on this list the charging process of the FMR
is NOT controlled by Rockbox, it is a hardware feature of the FMR. So if
your batteries are dead Archos may not incriminate Rockbox. Anyway you
should first do what Bjorn advised you to do : plug your FMR to its AC
adapter and forget it for 24 hours. I would be surprised that you could
not at least start it then, even if the batteries are still low. As far
as I can hear when my JBR is idle with its AC adapter plugged on, a
small noise in the box is not abnormal, although I could not explain you
what is causing it... 8-)

Last thing regarding your warranty : nowhere in their documents they say
that you may not put a different firmware on your HD, whether
intentional or not...

Cheers. Jean.

Jean Boullier - Rouen - Normandie - France

Tony Agee wrote:

>I tried holding the power button down, the green light will blink a few >times then stop. However, as long as I hold down the power button I can hear >this "clickclickclick" sound. It sounds like the hard drive has somehow >failed. > >I'm glad I kept the warranty card for this thing, but I am pretty sure >they'll find the Rockbox installed and void the warranty. :( >----- Original Message ----- >From: "scott" <> >To: <> >Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 5:49 PM >Subject: Re: FM Recorder won't turn on / USB left connected overnight > > >>you could hope they won't have a way of starting it either, and they'll >> >never know, but i'd wait > >>and experiment a bit before shipping it back to archos. have you tryed >> >HOLDING the on button? more > >>than once i've turned my FMR on and i get a green light, then 3(ish) >> >seconds later it shuts down. > >>if i hold on though until it gets to the archos loading screen though, >> >it's fine. > >>-scott >> >>--- Tony Agee <> wrote: >> >>>I've just tried turning it on again, it will not turn on. It has been >>>charging for nearly 4 hours. >>> >>>I plugged the USB cable into it again and now the green light will sit >>> >and > >>>blink on and off for about 60 seconds, like it is repeatedly trying to >>> >turn > >>>on but cannot. The display never lights up. >>> >>>Will Archos refuse to service my Jukebox if they see the Rockbox >>> >software on > >>>it? I have no way of deleting it off the hard drive now! >>> >>>Tony >>> >>> >>>----- Original Message ----- >>>From: "Björn Stenberg" <> >>>To: <> >>>Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 4:53 PM >>>Subject: Re: FM Recorder won't turn on / USB left connected overnight >>> >>> >>>>Tony Agee wrote: >>>> >>>>>I tried plugging in the charger and leaving it alone, thinking the >>>>> >>>batteries >>> >>>>>were dead, but the only thing that happens is this very feint >>>>> >"clicking > >>>>>sound" coming from the Archos, but once again, no green light or any >>>>>indication the unit has power. >>>>> >>>>How long did you leave it? From your description it sounds like a >>>> >classic > >>>case of dead batteries. Leave it in the charger overnight and see how it >>>feels in the morning. >>> >>>>-- >>>>Björn >>>> >> >>__________________________________ >>Do you Yahoo!? >>SBC Yahoo! DSL - Now only $29.95 per month! >> >> > >

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