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Subject: Re: Feature request: Virtual Playlists
From: Johan Vromans (
Date: 2003-07-13

Linus Nielsen Feltzing <> writes:

> Johan Vromans wrote:
> > Some time ago, I tried to rip a CD with continuous music, and play it
> > without interruptions. It turned out to be impossible when ripping
> > into separate tracks -- there's always a small pause due to technical
> > limitations of MP3 encoding[1].
> No, not if you encode the tracks in one batch using the --nogap LAME option.

I tried, sometimes it works, most of the time there still are audible

For my understanding: An MP3 file is just a header plus a series of
frames. When playing, Rockbox feeds the frames to the MP3 chip, right?
This is done in chunks. So it would not make a difference whether the
next chunk comes from the same file, or from a new file. This would
indicate that seamless play _is_ possible, provided the mp3 master
file has been cut into pieces at frame boundaries.
Or is there some more magic involved?

-- Johan

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