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Subject: Re: ATA Errors when booting from flash
Date: 2003-07-14

> Most of the time I get ATA error: -21
> after about 1 or 2 seconds of the splash screen, but occasionally I get
> error: -41 after about 10 seconds of the splash screen. I took a quick
> look
> at the code and it seems like io_address_detect() and sometimes
> freeze_lock() are failing.

Oh boy, this code seems still not done. Björn's latest ATA fixes seemed OK
for everybody so far, at the cost of a 2-3 seconds boot time increase. Now
you're the first to report this failing, too. The problem with this code is that
it's dependent on the disk behaviour. So a piece of code booting me in 3
seconds didn't work on many other boxes.
I hope we're able to stabilize this, will need the guys with problematic
disks as guinea pigs.

> In both cases, the debug screen has master,
> 0x300 for ATA. Any idea of what might cause this? I have a 40GB IBM
> Travelstar drive in the unit, but I'm not sure of the exact model. I have
> a
> bleeding edge build (030714-0101) in flash also. Thanks a lot.

0x300 sounds suspicious, do you get the same with the Debug->HW Info screen
when normally operating Rockbox?


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