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Subject: Re: Feature request: Virtual Playlists
From: Johan Vromans (
Date: 2003-07-14

"Andreas Stemmer" <> writes:

> Another possiblity would be to put the mp3 together before decoding
> (mp3DirectCut does it, I don't know *NIX equivalents),

I've written a bunch of Perl programs[1][2] to play nice tricks with MP3
files. Cutting and concatenating is one of them. For example:

  % id3v2 -D *mp3
  Stripping id3 tag in "Wish_You_Were_Here.mp3"...id3v1 and v2 stripped.
  % perl --verbose Wish_You_Were_Here.mp3.cue
  Processing Wish_You_Were_Here.mp3
     1 @ 0:00:00 01_Shine_on_You_Crazy_Diamond_(Part_I-V).mp3
     2 @ 13:32:67 02_Welcome_to_The_Machine.mp3
     3 @ 21:06:17 03_Have_a_Cigar.mp3
     4 @ 26:30:47 04_Wish_You_Were_Here.mp3
     5 @ 31:46:57 05_Shine_on_You_Crazy_Diamond_(Part_vi-Ix).mp3
  % cat 0*.mp3 | cmp - Wish_You_Were_Here.mp3

As you can see, the concatenation of the parts is identical to the
original. No need to keep the original and the split parts anymore.

-- Johan

[1] Should run on any platform that can run Perl.
[2] I'll be releasing some of these tools in due time. I wrote them for
    my personal needs and they need some cleanup + documentation
    before general release.

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